What’s better than a necklace? A necklace for your entire body. Body chain jewelry is glamorous and fashionable. Depending on the jewelry you choose, your body chains can evoke an air of sophistication or grungy style. Make this trend work for your aesthetic. Discover the perfect items to wear with your sexy body chains, too. Oma the Label has everything you need to pull off this unique look. Uncover the perfect body jewelry, then shop for matching rings, earrings, and bracelets, as well as bodysuits and crop tops that will show off your chains.

Simple Yet Chic

To experiment with the body chain jewelry trend, feel free to start with a simple chain. We have single-strand chains that will sit beautifully around your waist. You can frame your hips and show off your midriff. A closely fitting top, such as a bodysuit or bodycon dress, is also ideal for body jewelry.

Layered chains are also marvelous. You’ll create a splash wherever you go, be it a nightclub, a restaurant opening, or a beach party. Highlight your style savvy outfit with a body chain that’s a necklace, too. Pick out a sexy body chain that circles your neck, falls from your shoulders, and clasps around your waist.

Y Not?

For an on-trend look, explore body chain jewelry in the Y-chain style. Simpler than layered chains, these double-duty pieces act as both a necklace and a waist chain. Try the look with your favorite bodysuit, a cute crop top, or a fashionable bikini.

No matter what your style, Oma the Label has body chain jewelry that will enhance your personal aesthetic.