How to care for your OMA JWLS:

this is specifically a care guide for how to care for your 18k gold plated and white gold plated brass jwls.

Oma Jwls are made with the utmost quality and care. But there is always more that can be done to properly take care of your new jwls, in order to keep them as beautiful as when you first got them, for years!

  • We recommend always keeping your jewelry separate and in the velvet pouch it came in.

  • Store your jwls in an area that is dry. avoid storing your jwls in an area that is humid and moist.

  • We recommend your jwls not coming in contact with water, chemicals or perfumes on a regular basis to refrain from the jwls tarnishing long term. Although, if your jwls do come in contact with water just make sure to dry them off directly.

  • Do not keep your jwls directly exposed to sunlight, sunglight exposure can cause the color to change over time.

  • To clean your jwls you can wipe them with a lightly wet cloth and soap. proceed by drying off your jwls with a dry cloth directly after.

    if you have any additional care questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@omathelabel.com!