How To Make A Statement in Winter

Statement jewelry heart pendant on model

In the long, dark days of winter, you may find your inspiration and energy waning. But, the fashionista in you can’t let a little less sunlight dull your shine. Even as you cover up from the cold, you can stand out with statement jewelry and clothing to energize and inspire.

Don’t let the chill keep you indoors! You have plenty of opportunities to get out and show off your confidence and style.

Realizing More is More

When it comes to selecting jewelry and clothing, current trends say “more is more.” Whether you’re on the runway or subway, the fashion-forward are putting on more statement jewelry and stand out outfits than ever before.

Bold winter jewelry pieces are encouraged and layering fabrics is applauded. The goal is to show your personal style to the world. The trend of the moment boils down to being unapologetically you.

Making a Statement at the Office

Whether you’re commuting to a meeting or logging into a Zoom session, you have every reason to show off your small and large statement jewelry and confidence-inducing winter outfits. Earrings and necklaces stand out in the winter to spice up whatever you’re wearing.

If you need to keep it conservative in the office, try a turtleneck or bodysuit and sweater combo with a wide-leg pant. Add some shine with intricate hoop earrings and a classic chain necklace, keeping it trendy yet elevated.

For those craving a hint of drama, try a v-neck t-shirt or bodysuit and an open-front cardigan with layered chains. Add to the vibe with an understated yet stand-out pair of stud earrings to up your winter jewelry game.

Catching Eyes Out on the Town

Whether it’s after-work drinks or checking out the latest hot-spot with your friends, don’t miss out on an opportunity to show off your statement jewelry and other pieces when you’re out on the town. Winter is the perfect time to make a fashion scene, revealing a memorable fit when you lose the warm outer layers.

Long-sleeved bodysuits are great for mixing and matching as you’re out and about. Pair your bodysuit with a slitted skirt and matching link chain necklace and bracelet for a sleek winter jewelry look. Add in a knee-high boot and throw on some geometric hoops to complete this truly memorable look.

Geometric hoop statement jewelry on model

Keeping it Sexy-Classy on Date Night

When heading out with your beau, you have plenty of outfit options. You can add a “wow” factor with statement jewelry or give playful sexiness with the right top. Whatever you choose to wear, make it uniquely you.

If you’re into winter jewelry, put on a neutral, turtleneck with a colorful overcoat. Give that sexy sparkle with standout stone-drop earrings that says, “I’m extra, and I like it.”

For those wanting a more understated date night fit, classic dark jeans and a sparkly, statement sweater really does the trick. Dress it up with a cute heel and a gold necklace to add that hint of sexy.

Choosing Your Statement Jewelry Go-Tos

When it comes to statement jewelry specifically, there are a few go-to's you need to add to your repertoire.

  • Go bold. Look for standout colors like radiant reds, statement greens, and glimmering purples to add that flash to your outfits. 
  • Throw in a sparkle. Add that glimmer with glittering bracelets or some bling on your ring. That extra touch of shimmer makes the eye move and brings a dynamic effect to your outfit.

Giving Traditional a Twist this Winter

While you want pieces that you’ll love for years, don’t fall into the drab-classics trap. Look for pieces that give a nod to the classics but with a unique design that stands out in the crowd.

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