Your guide to the perfect Oma Jwls for Spring!

Temperatures are picking up, wardrobes are slowly being swapped out for warmer clothes, and our jewelry lovers are also making changes to their jewellery collections

If anyone has the perfect Spring jewellery gift guide for you, it's Oma The Label! We're keeping it Oma style with our bestselling, classic and sleek Jwls, plus a few statement pieces for the bold.

Spring time doesn't mean you have to make a drastic change to the classic hoops you wore during the winter, BUTthere are a few 18k gold-plated pieces we can recommend that scream warm weather and deserve just a little more shine!

Body Jwls

Turning your outfits from simple to statement with a body chain this spring might be all the change you need for your jewellery collections! This trend started as far back as the early 2000's, paired with low-rise jeans and as time progressed so did the look of this trendsetting Jwl. While some of these Jwls can turn heads, you can also opt for a soft and subtle look.

Oma The Label created five different body Jwls for you! Two of which are waist chains, the Oya chain, and the Ajebutter waist chain, and three of which are body chains, the Wahala body chain, the Yanga body chain, and the Shakara body chainHighlight yor style savvy outfit with a body chain that’s a necklace, too. Pick out a sexy body chain that circles your neck, falls from your shoulders, and clasps around your waist.

Drop Link Earrings

Here's where it gets personal—earrings are the most versatile piece of them all, and one of the main pieces of jewellery by-passers see! So yes, choosing the right earring for your outfit can be a make or break situation.

Drop link earrings made quite the noise on runways at Spring 2023 NYFW from the models and guests themselves, and we're expecting you to keep the trend going. Whether it be a daytime activity or a girls night out, a drop link earring like our Osa Drop Earrings can be a fun alternative to your classic studs and hoops.

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Anklets have a symbolism that goes way past our time and indeed speak volumes about cultures. Just like body chains, they made their grand entrance again in the early 2000's—circulating throughout pop culture and music videos with some of our favorite artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna!

Nowadays, anklets are sculpted out for beaches and vacations. It's not often that you throw on every piece of jewellery you own while tanning in the sun or roaming around an island, so grab an anklet or two. These bracelet-like accessories will add the perfect amount of subtle elegance to your spring or summer time look.

Our 18k gold-plated anklets come in a classic Cuban link or Herringbone style. 

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Written by: Aamira Leigh